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during the last 24 hours, I received over 50 spam e-mails. I analyzed them (using, and found out that most of the registered websites that sent out those suspicious spams, were registered by only a few persons and companies.

Here my suggestion for the SpamRules:

Allow an option to check on the registrants or owners of websites the spam e-mails are linking to, and to identify those e-mails as spam, that link to those websites registered by that company or person. This could potentially block thousands of spams.

Moreover, consider to make such a filter "shareable" through the Thunderbird servers. If a certain amount of users reported that way the same website registrant or company or URL, it becomes available as filter to everyone.

The browser Firefox allows AdBlock and Ghostery, both work the same way and are so useful for so many of us.


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If you can't find a good solution...

Just a thought here, but have you heard of Mailwasher?
There's a free & Pro version available.
Comes from the "Shaky Isles" just off the Aust coast & works very well.
Pro version >
Freebie >

(NB: I have no affiliation or interest in either MWP or Firetrust. I just use the Pro version.)
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I suggest you install SpamPal and configure the junk mail controls to trust its judgement. SpamPal lets you chose from several DNS blacklists (what smtp server was it sent from) managed by various groups such as Spamhaus.

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