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Email is often used to share web page links (surprise)
On tablets and smartphones browsers you have some type of share action that automatically creates an email draft with the link and the web page title as subject. On desktops this is not always the case; some browsers has a share button, but often it opens a different email client than the preferred one (which for me is Thunderbird). So the most common way to share a link is to copy and paste it into the body of a new email. HOWEVER: The subject remains blank and must be written manually or left blank, which is an annoyance. In most cases, for example when I share a youtube video, I want the subject to be the title, which also is the html title of of the page. I dont want to add any personal stuff, just paste and send. (like you do on your phone or pad).

Use case: I paste a link in an empty body of an email (or an email with a blank subject). The underlying code automatically access the webpage, retrieve the title and place it in the subject field.

If made as an add-on, it should be super simple with install no questions asked, use and forget. Zero items in the GUI. IMO. (I would not mind a reminder to rate it after some use though)

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