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This may sound crazy idea but please hear me out. We're in the process of switching from gmail to outlook 365 for our business. In the past, we had a LOT of problems with outlook so my people don't trust it and want to keep using thunderbird but the problem is the calendars.

Question.... Is it possible to have a web browser with the outlook calendar in the tab of Thunderbird? That would be a pretty cool feature if not and could potentially clear up a lot of the issues of Outlook and TB not getting along very well.
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It's not a crazy concept but the solution(s) may make you crazy!

In a nutshell, I experimented a bit with Outlook calendars and tasks and decided to stay away from that.

So, ONE extension that works is Exchange Calendar (4.0.0, currently at beta5), which is available here: ... r/releases
That extension is a fork of a fork and works... mostly... with Thunderbird 52 and an online Outlook address. They say it also works for MS Exchange servers. As far as I was concerned, I was able to get the Outlook calendar in Thunderbird... most of the time but not always, and some events didn't transfer from the web page to Thunderbird or vice-versa (I don't remember). I haven't checked if, for example, adding always events in Thunderbird would work, nor I didn't check on a 3rd party system like my telephone to see if the calendars worked well, nor did I allow another person to use my calendar (either read only or read-write) to see how that would work.

Considering how hard to find are such extensions for Outlook, I wonder if it will be updated when the next major version of Thunderbird becomes available.

Another extension that I haven't tried is TBsync. It seems to work for Outlook accounts (i.e. online) but not Exchange (corporate) accounts.

Again, I suggest you debug extensively before adopting either solution.
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hmmm.... Thank you for your answer. Maybe there's hope after all. Thanks!

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