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Post Posted May 27th, 2019, 9:51 am

I hoften I have to search specific data in ol emails. With a normal search or using the operators included into Thunderbird I get hundreds of wrong results. With a full Boolean search I would find all I need in seconds. Should be useful a full regex native support in Thunderbird Searches but in my case Boolean it is more easy. Hi VERY hope that someone will consider these implementations that I very need and will improve Thunderbird especially for advanced user or system administrators etc


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Take a look at the Expression Search / GMailUI add-on add-on at ... ui/?src=ss . It enhances the quick filter bar, not global search. Its adds support for regular expressions plus several other types of expressions. See ... /help.html for more details.

There is a add-on that unifies quick search and the quick filter bar but it doesn't seem to support version 60.* and I suspect it would not work with the Expression Search / GMailUI add-on. ... 93/?src=ss

The Filtaquilla add-on at ... src=search is designed to enhance message filters, not searches. But it does add support for additional search terms, and regular expression support for subject and header matches. The original developer has moved on and somebody else is trying to maintain it. So less heavily used features like this might not work for a while.

"The custom search terms added in FiltaQuilla can be used not only in filters, but also in other search contexts that use Thunderbird’s traditional search. That includes the advanced search dialog, as well as definitions of virtual folders. Most of these new search terms are really targeted toward virtual folder definitions. (TB 3.0 also has a newer SQL-based search technology called gloda. FiltaQuilla does not use that technology)." ... ltaquilla/

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