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In Outlook (and MS Word, and many other programs that deal with editing rich-text) you have "Styles" e.g see this screenshot from Outlook:


i.e. They're basically pre-defined "profiles" of font settings (including size, color, font and more) that you can apply quickly in one go... rather than having to set each of these font attributes individually every time you want to apply them all at once.

You can create your own style profiles, and assign a keyboard shortcut to apply them quickly.

I really want to just set up a small number of pre-defined styles that I can quickly apply to the currently selected text... but it's painful needing to manually apply these font attributes individually with drop-downs etc... and also cumbersome seeing that so many options are always shown that get in the way of doing things quickly without too much thought and careful repetitive clicking.

Is there any way to achieve this in Thunderbird?

I've been searching for addons or other solutions for years - but haven't been able to find anything.

If it's impossible in Thunderbird itself... I'm also wondering if there's some external program for Windows that can:

1. Take rich-text content from the Windows clipboard
2. Apply pre-defined font styles to that rich-text content
3. Stick the modified rich-text back into the clipboard (or just paste it immediately)

...then I could at least make this process easier, and could use it in other programs too.

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You could use a macro program like autoit, autohotkey, or macro express to do what you want, more or less.

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You could also compose your email in word, and then paste it into your TB email. That might work to some extent.


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Perhaps (A translator to convert normal text to fancy text which you can copy and paste.) or (has more fonts) would help. They're meant to be applied to ordinary plain text though. other possibilities.

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