Have software to repair thunderbird email and address book?

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I feel thunderbird email a big problem. if we lost some email or address book is damage. i found some software to repair or recovery these email or address book very hardly.


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If you would provide details of the problems you have experienced we might be able to help you resolve the issues.

>Which version of Thunderbird? Check Help->About for the version number
>Do you have any extensions installed?
>What kind of mail - POP, IMAP?
>Is your mail service from an ISP, corporate e-mail system or Web-based?
>Are you using an antivirus and/or a firewall program? Which ones?
>Can you describe the problem you are experiencing, in detail, and specifically the FULL text of any error message?
>Without revealing your full email address, what are your server settings under Tools->Account Settings->Server settings? Please include your server name.
>What is the server name entered for the Outgoing Server (SMTP)?


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