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It would be really nice, for me at least, if a there was a filter condition to trigger an external program. That is, the filter would launch the external program with the email as its stdin.

Happy to dicuss use-case.

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I do agree this would also be a nice feature to have. As I know I am wanting to pipe a copy of my emails through terminal, to do some special things. Like one thing this would also me to do, is get a more custom notice when some important email comes. Right now, the only other way I can think of how to do it brtue force way without tearing about thunderbird, is to make another movemail account; have the mail either move/copy over to that account; and check outside of thunderbird though a possible script that checks the mbox in linux, and goes that way. Though youd need to know a good amount of mbox (I think that's right) formatting, to go through each individual message.

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jpenny wrote:It would be really nice...if a there was a filter condition to trigger an external program.

Not exactly what you're looking for, but this extension I ran across is close:

<a href="">Thunderbird AutoSave</a>

This extension can be used to trigger events external to TB ( with a suitable application periodically scanning the save to folder for changes)


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