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Hi, when we (or anybody) receive e-mail specified to "undisclosed receipients" and choose "resent", the e-mail "to" is revealed. I mean situation when it is send to alias that includes for example more people. We sent e-mails to this alias as "hidden copy" - it is secret but each who receives the e-mail can reveal it this way (by resending)... :evil:


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Moving to Thunderbird Support as no specific bug has yet been identified here and I am unable to replicate your experience.

What version of Thunderbird are you running?
What do you mean by "alias"? Are you speaking of a mailing list?
When you refer to "Hidden Copy" are you speaking of addressees included as "BCC"?
Does the same thing occur if you launch the application in Mozilla Safe Mode?


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I second Dan's request for more details. I'm also confused by what you mean by choosing "resent". I'm not aware of a command named resend in either the menus or context menus.

Do you mean you right clicked on a message and chose "edit as new message"?

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