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Hallo all,
thank you for allowing me to post here
I have written before a message about a problem I faced but the post got probably moved or deleted for unknown reasons.
So here is what happened to me..
I used Mozilla Thunderbird successfully for about 4-5 years and everything worked like charm
On a day of this January, for some unknown reasons, Thunderbird started to delete all my emails one by one
I have no clue why this happened, and I did not have any backup since mails were stored in local and in the server
However, due to this issue I lost all my Emails for the 2020 and previous years.
Mails had also been deleted in the server as well
I have no idea why it happened, I had 18GB worth of mail so maybe this was too much and/or I pressed some wrong button
I still have no idea
Anyways, I would like to share what happened with the community



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