Ubuntu 11.10 and Thunderbird 11.0 behind a proxy

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Dear Thunderbird community,

so I have been wracking my brain the last several days trying to get this to work:
Thunderbird 11.0
Ubuntu 11.10
corportate HTTP proxy server (Novell BorderManager)

What works: manually configure the proxy environment variables, manually configre Ubuntu 11.10 proxy settings in "Network", manually configure proxy settings in Thunderbird, download and install Add-Ons. Downloading and installing Add-ons means that I can at least get online via the HTTP proxy. :)

What did not work: setting up a basic yahoo mail account (, SSL, port 993). (SMTP server is blocked anyway so it did not matter if I could configure SMTP or not.)

What Else Worked: same corporate office LAN, Windows XP SP3, Thunderbird 11.0, Network settings set to "Use system proxy settings", WinXP proxy set in control panel to "proxy, port 8080, use same proxy server for all protocols".

So I KNEW that IMAP was not being blocked. I could configure same Yahoo email account with the same version of Thunderbird. It was just for some reason Ubuntu was not working.

Out of desparation, I tried the following setting on Ubuntu Thunderbird: Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Network settings > Connection > Settings > "NO PROXY" and it WORKED! I could not believe it! I had already l authenticated to our proxy server via web browser. I guess that is why I could see Add-ons but I just could not see the IMAP server.

So, my question is this: is this a Bug or a Feature? :)


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Thanks a lot Mike,

I also had the same problem.
Setting proxy in network and NO proxy on thunderbird worked out for me.

Ubuntu 12.10, thunderbird 11.0.

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