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One of our users has been complaining about her Thunderbird crashing when she attempts to print an email, so I went down to troubleshoot the issue.

Tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling Thunderbird, still crashed. Tried creating fresh profile with different email account and deleted the old one, still crashed. Booted Thunderbird in Safe Mode, still crashed. The issue started when she was running version 31.3, an upgrade to the latest version 45 did not fix the issue. Her version of OS X has also been upgraded recently and that didn't fix the issue either.

I did notice that of her multiple printers, some very reliably caused Thunderbird to crash, while others printed successfully. I attempted to delete and re-add one of the trouble printers with no luck. All of the printers work fine when attempting to print a Word document or test page from the print queue, so the issue seems to be isolated to printing from Thunderbird.

The crash occurs once you click "Print" from within the print dialogue box.

I'm at a loss about where the problem lies, any help is appreciated.

Here are some sample crash IDs: ... acc2160901 ... 0942160901 ... 3322160901 ... 8572160901 ... 2fc2160901
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