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Post Posted October 3rd, 2016, 1:56 pm

I use the password storage system, with a master password set, I am collecting a number of mail services from several ISP sites, and for what I want, Thunderbird works well in pretty much most respects

There are 2 issues with the password collections process, neither of them are complete show stoppers, but they are a nuisance.

The first is that if for some reason I decide to close Thunderbird while password entry pop up is on display, there is no way to close that pop up, or cancel the entry of a password, so in this case, the only option is to use program manager to cancel the program, or enter the password to get beyond the prompt in order to exit the program. That's not ideal.

The other issue is that if the program is started, and then the password is not entered, if a collection pass is scheduled, and the password has not been entered, multiple password entries are then required before the program can proceed, it seems that each scheduled collection generates a new password request if it has not been entered for the current session.

I don't know enough about the structure or logic flow of the program to be able to try and provide more in depth debug information on this bug, hopefully someone with more experience can provide some guidance, or analyse it to provide the right information to submit a formal bug report.

Thanks in anticipation.

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