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Post Posted June 20th, 2017, 2:46 am

I updated Thunderbird to the latest possible version (52.2.0, x86) but this bug is still there: when I write a text and enter an emoticon from the button for that, I can't delete it in a later moment using backspace. For unknown reason using backspace with a cursor AFTER the emoticon doesn't delete it. Instead, it undoes the formatting options that have been used prior entering the emoticon. I enter a text in the form for composing an e-mail and then decide to put some formatting on it, so I select part of the text and underline and make it red and then I put an emoticon at the end of the line. Then I decide I don't like the emoticon and I want to remove it, so I click right AFTER the emoticon and the blinking cursor appears after it but when I press backspace, instead of removing the emoticon, the red color and the underlining from the text disappear while the emoticon remains. I discovered the only way to delete the emoticon is to place the blinking cursor BEFORE the emoticon and use the Delete button OR select the whole text with Ctrl+A and then use backspace. But the latter is not really an option because if you write a long message, then you'll have to start over.

P.S. I don't have any addons installed, just a few color settings and a few plugins which are always disabled.

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