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Post Posted February 2nd, 2007, 5:53 pm

First I must tell you I was delighted to see the COX guy arrive at our small office with 2 computers. It was 6 in the evening and clearly the guy just wanted to get home. With the office having the exterior cable already installed, the guy was out of here in 20 min leaving us in a computer shambles. Having purchase the on site insurance, I called COX the next day and was informed it would be 8 days before they could get a guy out to us. "We are in business I responded and will loose hundred of Dollars without a conection all that time" To no avail my protest was ignored. Great company?????

Question: I wired in a great 12 Channel HP Router to the COX modem, CATV into both computers. With One computer running Windows XP Pro
and the other Windows 2000 Pro. HOW DO YOU CONFIG THE SETTINGS ON BOTH COMPUTERS TO ACCEPT COX HIGH SPEED ? I have been to COX website but the instructions on config the 2000 Pro are wrong.

We would be more than happy to receive your talented answer. I will buy you dinner the next time you are in Las Vegas.

Thank you all


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Post Posted February 2nd, 2007, 6:35 pm

Please register and I will then move this topic to a forum where you will be much more likely to get help. The Miscellaneous forum really is a dead forum.

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