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what a dumb way to try to keep people using mozilla,seamonkey or whatever version. have to abandon all your old settings,mail accounts, passwords, address book etc.when you install a new hard drive . never could get things transferred in versions of mozilla suite, seamonkey shows up and I googled how to transfer old info from mozilla. aha!say's just copy and transfer the mozilla folder and etc. blah, it will not work. seems they think everyone has one installation for a lifetime. might as well stick with ms or eudora.------------*******
If I annoyed you moderater that was not my intention,nor was it meant as a rant. a statement of fact. from googling and reading forums I am among many with the same problem, over the years I have stuck with mozilla.would like to see it gain more and more support,but as one who frequently wipes out drives because I am always experimening with programs and hate to lose my settings, bookmarks ,mail and passwords. and do it over and over. details: new drive: xp-- nothing else. downloaded seamonkey.shut it down without using it at all.completely clean.had gone to my mozilla on old disk c: \programs\mozilla org folder. copied the whole folder without opening it. complete folder. went to the new machine.c:\programs\new seamonkey folder (mozilla org)?copied over the seamonkey folder with the mozilla suite folder, opened it and checked the bookmarks icom --it had the same 82.7kb that my suite folder had,figured I was homefree
starte up seamonkey and bookmarks had only the download bookmarks not mine. tried going back to c:etc and renamed the seamonkey download folder and renamed it (old) copied my suite folder in as seamonkey files starrted seamonkey again and nothing but the blank download original?? passwords saved is another important item, how to bring them over, they will not let you even do a copy function.
hope you read this moderater I do not have the expertise to solve this problem, just hoping your experts can. yes I have tried mozbackup many times without success, always get file not found or it is corrupted time after time.
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Whoever said you did?

Moving to Miscellaneous support since you have not specified a program and it certainly does not belong in Site Discussion.


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Do you want help or do you want to rant?


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Please DO NOT PM me for support... Lets keep it on the board, so we can all learn.

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