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I'm getting errors periodically that says netscape must shut down. And it does. Is Mozilla going to continue to support it. The new Netscape versions don't have the Mail in it. I have tried Firefox, Thunderbird and Sea Monkey. I get more "do not support" stuff in Sea Monkey than Netscape and it doesn't run as fast. While Firefox seems to run fine, it looks like the dreaded old Windows Explorer. And the new Windows Explorer really does suck. Thunderbird looks like outlook express, but it does have some of the features of Netscape mail but it doesn't handle as well.

I'm sure I'll get banged for asking these questions, but I really love NS 7.2 but am now getting tired of the shutdowns.



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" is a service of Netscape Communications and Weblogs, Inc. and part of the AOL Network owned and operated by AOL, LLC, a Time-Warner company."

Clearly, Mozilla has not been supporting Netscape. It is not their product.

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