Where can i submit Gecko bugs?

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I'm pretty sure i found a bug that only affects Windows versions of Gecko 1.9.2.x stable and unstable 1.9.3 (before it moved to 2.0). I have tested it in numerous versions of Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey and Songbird. I have tested branches of the mentioned programs that use all the mentioned Gecko versions. The rendering bug does not appear when using older 1.9.1.x or newer 2.0 builds of Gecko and it does not appear when using native 1.9.2 or 1.9.3 on Linux or BSD at all. However if i use the same windows programs with the same Gecko versions I can still reproduce the bug. That is to say the bug happenes regardless if i install a gecko 1.9.2 (or 1.9.3) natively or under Wine. I haven't tested OSX.


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Choose "Core" after you log in:
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When I use the css function select:focus for drop-downs to change the background of the current form element, I have to click 3 times to get the drop-down to display.

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