Source code of Netscape 5.0 - where to get?

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Call me crazy for the following request - but it is really meant seriously.

As we all know, the development of Firefox originally started with the release of a snapshot of the in-development version of Netscape 5.0. Since the source was said to be very complicated to hack on, it was decided to start developing Gecko. The rest is history.

According to old snapshots, the source code of the in-development Netscape 5.0 was originally available on But (on obvious reasons?) it is not available there anymore. Can anybody tell me where I can get it?

What I found out myself:
According to
> ... se591.html
a CD with the source code was sold through DevEdge Online. I'd be really interested to get a copy of the content of this CD. Could somebody (if it's allowed) upload it somewhere, so that I can get it?

If there is a better way to get it, I'm fine, too.

Yours faithfully


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Phoenix 0.1 (later was Firebird and then Firefox from 0.8 to present) was built on Gecko 1.2b released back on September 23, 2002. The source for NS 5.0 was from 1998. as people point to the mozilla-19980728.tar.gz

Netscape 5.0 was based on the 4.x code base that Netscape released in 1998. Actually the Communicator-based Netscape 5.0 does not use the Gecko rendering engine even and the Gecko version basically became 6.0

Netscape 7.0 suite was built on Gecko 1.0.1 and was released back in August 2002, NS 7.1 on 1.4, NS 7.2 on 1.7.2

Anyways... the browser you know as Firefox was not based on the Netscape 5.0

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Thank you, the file mozilla-19980728.tar.gz looks promising.

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