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Post Posted June 20th, 2011, 1:21 pm

I can't seem to find a Netscape site to present this problem.

I open Money and Business everyday to update my portfolio. Yesterday when I opened it there was only information for one of the nine symbols it has always given me. The other eight (all with the symbol ending in X) said "Not Found", and were listed individually, each under a heading called "Other Currency". The one that was found was under the heading "U. S. Dollars". They have always all been under the one heading “U. S. Dollars”. I opened the screen for editing the portfolio, and everything seemed to be correct. Please help me get back one of my favorite applications.
This seems to have begun after I ran a cleanup program. I don't think that was a good idea.
F. Smith


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Post Posted June 20th, 2011, 1:24 pm

Clear your cache. Tools --> Options --> Advanced --> Network, Clear Now button.

If you are still having problems delete any cookies that have to do with the site. Tools --> Options --> Privacy, Show Cookies button

If you are not using Windows see ... x,_and_Mac
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I did both of your suggestions; cleared cookies and delete cookies -- there must have been 1000 of them. I shut off and restarted the computer. I still do not get the data for the securities. As expected, I have to reenter some sign-on infos.

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If you are using internet explorer you might try switching to google chrome or mozilla firefox. I've had similar problems with IE.
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Thank you all for your replies. I never got it all back until one day I opened the site and VOILA! - it was all correct. I do believe Netscape found a program error, and fixed it. Maybe I wasn't the only one with the glitch. F. Smith

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I agree with Jeff... Personally I use mainly Mozilla and Chrome... Faster and more reliable.

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Thanks everybody. Whatever was goofy seems to have been fixed. Incidentally, I use Firefox. F. S.


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