MozBackup Utility Changes Outgoing Server Account Settings

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Post Posted February 16th, 2013, 5:29 am

I've been using MozBackup for a long time, on four different computers I own (the versions of Thunderbird and Firefox on each were different, originally, but are the same updated versions now), and I really like how it works, with one notable exception. Whenever I restore a backup profile and overwrite all the Thunderbird settings, the profile that is restored has changed the Outgoing Server (SMTP) from "Password, transmitted insecurely" to "Any secure method (deprecated)". This makes it impossible for me to send messages until I go into my Account Settings and manually change the setting back to what it was on the backed-up profile that was restored to the new computer.

Also, a now closed email account, which I want to keep the messages from, causes a password login failure message to be displayed at the program's first attempt to download new messages from the servers of my multiple email accounts which I have set up in Thunderbird. I must remove it again manually, every time I restore a backed-up profile, while changing my Outgoing Server (SMTP) setting back to "Password, transmitted insecurely". This is a nuisance, but so far, everything I have tried within MozBackup's settings has not made any difference.

Any suggestions as to how I can make MozBackup create and restore Thunderbird profiles that preserve the Account Settings of the backed-up profile?


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Post Posted February 16th, 2013, 5:39 am

Have you reported these issues and asked for recommendations on the support page for MozBackup?

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