Postbox: One folder for starred emails from 2 accounts?

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Hi all -

I am using Posbox (not my choice, but it seems pretty good) and there is one thing I want to do that I'm having trouble with:

I have 2 different accounts setup, one gmail account and one google apps/domain account. They work fine. What I hope to do is have 1 shared folder that shows all of the starred emails. This could be just like the shared inbox - it would just show starred emails from both.

Is this possible? Not much support for postbox so I'm trying it here :)



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Having only used a very early beta version of Postbox this is only a guess but if it is the same as Thunderbird you could set up a filter or filters to shift emails into a folder using certain criteria.
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You can use a Search Folder. In Postbox click Edit > Find > Advanced Search. I'm not entirely sure what "starred" is. I may have disabled it some time back. Anyway add the criteria you want (such as Topic = "Important") then click the button at the bottom called "Save as Search Folder". It will appear in the folder pane on the left somewhere below your inbox and other folders. You can move it by dragging and dropping.

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