Chatzilla Linux disconnects from servers when outside Xorg

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Ever since before SeaMonkey 1.0, until a couple of years ago or so, maybe starting around SM v2.34, SeaMonkey's built-in CZ maintained (moznet and freenode) connections when putting Xorg and KDE3 into background via Ctrl-Alt-Fn. Though auto-reconnect works on return to Xorg/KDE3, this disconnect is very annoying and has been maintained consistently through operating system, KDE3 and SM upgrades. Currently I have SM 2.49.1, CZ 0.9.93, openSUSE 42.3, KDE3 and GTK 3.20.10-9.1. It happens whether using openSUSE's rpms or the SeaMonkey project builds. kdenetwork3-IRC maintains connections as SM used to. Does this CZ disconnect happen to other CZ users?

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