idx files are taking over "my documents"

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Can anyone advise me about an invasion of idx files in "my documents"? I deleted some but now find copies. I tried ,without success, to open some. They appear to be related to some event??? on a date about three months ago. Is there a way to delete them safely and easily? I have seen references which connect this problem to Firefox toolbar and Nero 6, any comment.


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What are 'idx' files?

Have you done multiple-program scans for spyware and viruses?

What's your Operating System and Firefox version, and what extensions do you have installed in Firefox?
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firefox 1.0.3 winxp2

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.idx files all prefixed e.g. CAA.idx etc. and appear to be 1kb index files.
I have scanned repeatedly with AVG and Etrust antivirus and Adaware & Spybot. I even brought AOL to play, briefly.
The os is windows xp sp2 with Firefox 1.0.3. I downloaded Thunderbird but could not get it to work for me (my lack of knowledge) so it's not live. I don't think there's any other extensions.


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Have you completely uninstalled Thunderbird?

Some know-it-all wrote:Click the Start button and then click Control Panel to open the Control Panel window.

In the Category view where you see a list of Control panel categories, click the Add or Remove Programs hyperlink to open the Add or Remove Programs dialog box. In the Classic view where you see individual Control panel icons, double-click the Add or Remove Programs icon.

Click the Change or Remove Programs button on the left side of the Add or Remove dialog box to display the Currently Installed Programs list box.

Click the program you want to remove in the Currently Installed Programs list box (when you click a program name, the description expands to include a Change/Remove button or separate Change and Remove buttons).

Click the Change/Remove button or the Remove button if Change and Remove are separate.

Click the OK button in the alert dialog box that appears to confirm your removal of the program.

I seem to remember a bug regarding TBird and My Documents folder. I guess just move the files to a different directory after removing TBird (just to be safe) and if everything works as it should, then you can safely delete them.
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To find out what a file extension is used for, go to , enter the extension.

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