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Post Posted July 31st, 2016, 10:02 pm

I am currently using Amazon Cloud drive as an online backup. Not horrible, $50 yr for 50 gigs (I think). Anyways, I'd like to switch to something else in this price range (50/yr; 5/mo--something like that). The upload speeds are pretty slow, and I'm not always sure where in my online files, I'm uploading my stuff to. I only like to backup my files once a month or so, so I don't need or really even want a program that is open and running 24/7. I am ok with just starting it once a month, and doing its uploading at that time.

(1) Is there an online service that does this?

(2) if not, are any of you happy with an online backup service that does reside in your system tray 24/7?

I do have about 25 gigs that need to be stored online, although the amount of new data each backup would be considerably less than that.


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I don't use any kind of cloud back-up service, so cannot comment but I've heard about
There are a few more here that you might like to review.
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