FireFTP can't read remote directory

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I logged in to a vendor's computer via FireFTP and got several errors of the form "TypeError: items[x][(7 - offset)] is undefined["drwxr-xr-x", "folder", "0", "Apr", "3", "20:22", "Bluelines"]". The folder names in the directory were all missing the first two words; folders with one- or two-word names were unnamed. Size for each was indicated as 1KB, and the date as "undefined NaN 0NaN:0NaN". Attempting to open a folder resulted in error 505, file not found. I was able to login and download my information using FileZilla. I had a similar problem with another site. Both sites had only IP addresses, not domain names -- is that a problem for FireFTP?


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you should ask here:

or verify with a true ftp client, not this nonsense.

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