Mouse Actions Affect Video Player Volume. [Mac]

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I like to watch a lot of videos on various streaming websites and they frequently use video streams from and a host of other sources.

However when watching the videos I have to very careful not to touch my mac magic mouse as this causes the video volume to reduce or increase depending on scrolling movements or other ways I handle my mouse.

This is very irritating and I would very much like to find a way to disable this.

As this also occurs with other browsers such as Chrome it seems likely to be something that needs to be configured on my mac.

I am using Firefox Developer Edition 69.0b6(64Bit), installed on macOS mojave 10.14.5

I have searched everywhere on the internet and so far haven't found an answer.

I do sincerely hope that another mac user running Firefox may know what I need to do to stop this behaviour.

Perhaps there is an about:config change or Firefox add-on which can stop this behaviour.

Any advice is most appreciated.
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As this affects both Chrome & Firefox, this is getting moved to the Tech. forum...
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