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When i look for my ip in config, it shows me three different. When i look for it here it shows me just one. Which one should i consider. Im a noob so i dont really get it.


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I'm not certain what you are using to see three ip addresses. If I use ipconfig it shows my IPv4 address, a link-local IPv6 address (irrelevant since I'm using just IPv4) and a gateway ip address (the private IP address assigned to the router.). The IPv4 address is the one you normally care about.

The web page you linked to will show what ip address you appear to be using. If you're not using a vpn, it will be your machines real tcp-ip address (the IPv4 address from ipconfig). If you are using a vpn the software will provide a temporary ip address that is used instead, and the web site should list it instead. That temporary address is associated with a vpn server at some different geographic location. That's how you get around content blocking based on what country you live in.

It gets more complicated if you have a router (like I do). That provides the ip address used to connect to the Internet, while assigning your PC a local/private ip address. If you are using a router ipconfig won't show the ip address used to connect to the Internet (it will list the local/private ip address instead). The vpn software would hide the (Internet) ip address the router provides by using a temporary (Internet) ip address instead. If you have more than one PC connected to the router they share the same Internet ip address and the router is responsible for making sure the connection goes to the right PC.

I suggest you read ... 1685180082 might also be useful.

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