win 8.1 install.

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I had a win XP that needed an upgade to a new OS. I had a new win 8 disc laying around.I ran the compatibility check and the results showed I could up date to win 8 with no problem. I then upgraded to 8.1. I had thought by installing win 8 that would be it. However when I turn it on it goes to a screen that says choose an operating system. There are 3 boxes. windows 8.1. Earlier version of windows and windows 8. When I was installing it gave me the option of saving old programs and files. I had already taken off what I needed so I chose to install and remove them. How can I get it to boot straight to win 8.1. Otherwise it's fine for my purposes.

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This article tells you how to uncheck the boot menu so it automatically boots into the default operating system. The second part of the article, starting at using the Startup and Recovery option ... -displays/ Following that article should let you boot into 8.1 with no delay.

Since it is showing you that menu, you may have installed 8.1 to a different drive or partition than 8 was on. Hopefully this will not be a big problem, but it could be wasting some space, and just to learn what is going on you may want to look at a list of your drives and partitions in a built in utility called Disk Management. Do not change anything, just look.

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