How to temporary disable vertical scroll bar?

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Post Posted March 1st, 2023, 11:19 am

Not sure if it is by design (Amazon) or what, but when I try to cancel an item in an order on Amazon, the items in the list have a checkbox on the right side of the screen.

The scroll bar is largely hidden until I hover over it then it expands to grab the slider. That then hides the checkbox. It's then a game of whacka-mole trying to click last visible pixel of the checkbox under the scrollbar in order to check it.

I can increase/decrease Width but the relationship stays the same under the scrollbar.

How can I temporarily disable the scroll bar expansion and let me whacka-the-mole?

Searched: Found many results for adding code into FFx, but that is major surgery for what I need.

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Post Posted March 21st, 2023, 4:11 pm

You can create a toggling bookmarklet to hide or show the scrollbars.

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  var element = document.getElementById("cowabunga");
  if (element) {
  } else {
    var style = document.createElement("style");
    style.type = "text/css"; = "cowabunga";
    style.textContent = [
      "* { overflow: hidden !important; }",
    if (document.head) {
    } else {

I didn't test the bookmarklet on Amazon since I don't have any orders currently.

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