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Post Posted January 7th, 2009, 2:27 pm

Ok, this has happened to me twice since I updated to firefox 3, and it's really starting to annoy me.

Well, one of the primary reasons I started using firefox is because of how hassle-free it is. The one feature that really got me to switch over from IE was the fact that I didn't have to type an entire url into the address bar to access a web site. Before, for example, all I had to do was type a keyword such as ''amazon'' into the address bar and it would automatically direct me to But now when I type a keyword into the address bar without the .com at the end it directs me to the yahoo search results for whatever I typed in the address bar. Before you ask, I'm positive that I didn't accidentally go into options and switch my default search engine from google to yahoo or install a yahoo toolbar by accident or anything of the sorts. Just to double check, I did an in-depth file search for anything related to yahoo and came up dry. Because I absolutely HATE yahoo I make a point of never using any of their products(including yahoo search) on my PC.

Now, I have fully uninstalled firefox(including my saved files) then reinstalled to get an entirely fresh copy of firefox and that only worked for about two days then it was back to yahoo. Also, I went into "about:config" and accessed "" and changed it back to google and that still didn't work.

I'm honestly stumped ](*,)

Any suggestions?


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Post Posted January 7th, 2009, 2:34 pm

Maybe your ISP is re-directing your "I'm feeling lucky searches"?
If your ISP has any associations with Yahoo, look thru their "help" pages to see how you can opt-out of that "feature".

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Post Posted March 30th, 2009, 10:50 am

I just fixed this exacvt problem. There was a plug-in (that I don't recall installing) called 'protect search results' or something. I uninstalled it and voila, back to google.

Check out your plug-ins.

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