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trying to export my FF passwords from desktop to laptop, using add on Password Exporter 1.1 The export worked, exported to flash drive at desktop, in an xml file, but when trying to import, get this error: XML parsing error. Passwords could not be imported
Any ideas or thoughts?


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Moving to Firefox Support.

You need to contact the author of Password Exporter for assistance with that extension.
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Post Posted January 30th, 2009, 1:53 pm there another way to do it without this add on?


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Read here, you need to copy 2 files: key3.db & signons2.txt

More here on moving setting/etc: ... ew_profile

You might be interested in this addon: as it can backup lots of items related to Firefox.
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^ The file in Firefox 3 is signons3.txt

Another addon that is useful ..... Bookmark Backup

Despite the name, it backs up more than just the Bookmarks.....
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Your first link on moving settings is outdated and no longer applies to Firefox 3. Here's the new article on transferring profile data in Firefox, including signons3.txt (it's linked from the other article}:
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Oh my gosh, I have been going NUTS trying to find a way to import my passwords from my old FF profile to my new.
I used Password Exporter 1.1 and it created the xml file with all my passwords and such, but when I tried to import them into my new FF I kept getting the dreaded "xml parsing error"... (Guess I'm not alone there!)

Well, after MUCH searching, I finally found a fix for it - and it's really easy too!
Credit goes to Vic here: ... r-add.html

From his page I left clicked on this link: ... RL-fix.xpi which opened a new FF tab and installed the program. (Not sure if this was any different than the program I'd already installed, but I'm telling you every step I took to fix the problem!)

Next (and this may actually be all you need to do) I opened a blank FF tab, clicked on File, clicked on Open File, browsed to the saved xml file with my passwords in it, and clicked on that. The page opened to point out the ONE entry that had an error in it. So I used Windows Explorer to go to the xml file, opened it with Notepad, deleted the one bad entry, saved the file and closed it.

Then I went back to Firefox Tools, Options, Security and clicked Import/Export Passwords, then clicked to Import.
I browsed to the xml file and clicked on it and... TA DAAAA!!! All my many precious passwords and sign in names are now saved in my new Firefox profile!

Thanks Vic! You're a lifesaver!!! =D>
I just had to post this on here in hopes of helping the others I see have run into the same dilemma.
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Post Posted June 29th, 2012, 11:05 pm


super it works! Thank You!

The problem is that where was one bad line, because of Lithuanian character. To find this line just try simple to open the file with Firefox (file->open). Then Firefox says that x line and x column is bad, open the file with text edit program and delete it. That's all :)

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