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Some laptops with Synaptics touchpads, the scroll function doesn't work in Firefox, or some other apps.

I’ve seen a number of posts all over the place about it saying “update the driver” I tried that, I tried modifying SynTPEnh.ini file, no dice.

However the oddest thing fixes the problem. In the runbox or command prompt:
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taskkill /im SynTPEnh.exe

although it says "SUCCESS: The process "SynTPEnh.exe" with PID 3524 has been terminated."

The process still exists. I stop getting the "scroll cursor" when I scroll, and suddenly scrolling works properly in all applications that didn't previously (including Firefox).

If I actually terminate SynTPEnh.exe (either taskkill /f or through task manager), all touchpad scrolling stops working.

I don't know why this voodoo works, but it does.

Create a shortcut with a target of:
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taskkill /im SynTPEnh.exe
and add it to windows startup.

I have personally used it on two machines:
WindowsXP SP3- Synaptics v10.2.4 Firefox 3.0
Vista SP2- Synaptics V on a Gateway Firefox 3.5

Another poster on this forum: ... _p__122085

Also reported success with this method.

I’m not registered on the Wiki yet, but I’ll modify this page to report this method as well :

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XP Home Steps
Taskkill is available on XP Pro and all versions of Vista, but not XP Home.

The ever versatile Nircmd is up to the task:
Place the nircmd executable in your windows folder, and use the following command:
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nircmdc closeprocess SynTPEnh.exe

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