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Geez, Shut up


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I've been using Firefox on my Mac dual G4 MDD for the last few weeks, trying to ween myself off IE. I first tried to import my IE bookmarks and was given the option of importing from IE, Safari, Opera and maybe one or two more. After importing I ended up with the bookmarks I had between one set of dividers in IE, but not those below. Alphabetically, I actually only imported "A," not the whole set. I had also gotten used to sorting and filing bookmarks (or IE Favorites) in their own windows. In Firefox I have a list view in the sidebar and it's really hard to sort them, even a little.

When I later tried to get the bookmarks that were left out I ended up with three sets of the same truncated set originally imported. I'm not even sure how to get rid of them. Going to File/Import I then found that the previous list of browsers and selection buttons was now reduced only to the single Opera button - the other browser choices are gone??? Same browser - now different import choices (Opera only!).

I tried exporting from IE. That won't work. Import and Export in IE, for me at least, are grayed out and NOT selectable! I don't know what to do to make them selectable.

Firefox supports printout with headers and footers similar to IE (Safari doesn't). But not one browser I've seen support, as a menu selection within the browser, the "Print Preview" that IE does. I often print things I need when online, but with Safari and Firefox I have to print through OS X Preview, which doesn't allow for the print to be reduced in size. Unless I've missed something obvious (I do that often!) I cannot reduce font size in the browser or Preview. In IE I can click "Smaller" until three pages are reduced to one - more than adequate for something that's read once and filed or tossed. Saves one ream of paper in three. I can also do Page Set up in the preview window and change from letter to legal paper and see it instantly displayed. In this respect IE is truly elegant, not a word I often associate or use describing Microsoft's products. My workaround is simple: when I want to print something I need when in Firefox, I copy the url into IE, load the page and then do Print Preview. Not elegant, but it saves paper.

Finally, many of the pages I open in Firefox are missing essential buttons. They are apparently there but arent drawn (invisible). As the mouse pointer is moved over where they "should" be, the arrow changes to a "hand." But you don't really know if the hand icon is over the Log On or the Cancel link. I have to login to forums or a bank using another browser that shows the logon link. I know Firefox is having a problem when I can open Safari or IE at the same time and see the "missing links."

I hope future versions of Firefox will correct these teething pains - and most essential - the printing deficiencies noted above. The easier it is to format what's printed (and IE, or any browser, could have done a lot more feature-wise to allow different types of print formats (like flowing continuous text to 2 column views to further reduce size and make things even more readable (full page width tiny sentences are harder to read than same size font in 2 columns). And removing images you don't need or reducing their size or just moving them elsewhere, would really be great and save even more paper and toner or ink. The same flexibility one has in formating a page with text and images in the word processor - but in a browser's print preview.

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Anonymous wrote:What would I have to do inorder for inline to work for the book makrs I have. For example if I name one of my bookmarks Mooooooo and I start typing "Mo" the rest is shown as inline autocomplete just like in IE. ANyone?

I too miss the address bar autocomplete for bookmarked URLs. I enabled inline autocomplete using browser.urlbar.autoFill and it did not work. It only seems to autocomplete recently visited sites, not bookmarks.
Anyone know how to make bookmarked URLs take advantage of autocomplete in the address bar???


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Anyway to enable Autocomplete to Keywords?


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kilo wrote:Anyway to enable Autocomplete to Keywords?

Open your bookmark right click one click properties one it popups enter what keyword you would like to use


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You didn't read....AUTO complete.
I can type in the keyword and it goes, but sometimes I am lazy.


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everybody seems to have the same autocomplete inline problem, please post a solution if u have it. thanks!

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Inline Autocomplete 0.0.4, Enables the IE-like Inline Autocomplete:
AutoMarks 0.1, Autocomplete with your bookmarks:

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I've tried ALL these suggestions -- modifying the about:config file (being careful to type the proper case), installing extensions -- and nothing works! I'm on Mac OS X 10.3.9.

I LOVE Firefox, but really miss the autocomplete function. Is there any way to get this to work?

Thanks to all who've posted earlier, and thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!


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wait how do u do that in IE
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Nice, how do you do it with a Mac?


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nice surprise^_^

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OKAY. Still need help with AutoComplete--a great feature on other browsers. (All you have to do is open Prefs and click option, or add button to toolbar). I did the about:config thing as 'true'. I get yellow boxes on forms now... AND a help message saying use your AutoComplete button or pull down--which, for the life of me, I still cannot find anywhere. If anyone has an answer PLEASE email me at I only go into these forums things about once a month, when I get so frustrated at not finding an obvious answer in the Preferences or Options menus. Thanks! Josef
PS I'm not the type of guy who piddles around rewriting code with understanding of what I'm doing, unless I have no other alternative than follow a KISS 1-2-3 set of instructions. (I short-circuit at step 4, or if step 1 uses IT lingo that is not self-defined without helpful hyperlinks. Sorry.

futz wrote:Is there an option in FireFox to use "Inline AutoComplete" like in IE? I miss it a lot.

Another thing I've gotten totally used to and miss a bit in Firefox is the audible click sound when I click on a link in IE.

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