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I get "Error while syncing" from FF Sync and nothing I have read in any of the help pages is specific enough to help me diagnose the trouble.

Problem started occurring after I succefully loaded sync to second computer, now first computer always errors.



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Are both computers using the same version of the Sync extension?

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I've had something of the same problem except that it's Firefox beta 9 (has Sync built in) that all of a sudden stopped syncing throwing the following error:

Sync encountered and error while syncing: Unknown error. Sync Will automatically retry this action

So just for info's sake...

The strange thing is that Firefox 3.6.13 with the latest Sync plugin (1.6.2) and the Firefox 4 nightly builds (Minefield) both Sync properly. I did delete my entire Sync account at Mozilla Services and set it up fresh on a recommendation at the Mozilla Support site but problem remained the same.

In that light, I had previously heard that there had been a recent update to the Firefox Sync servers and since beta 9 just suddenly stopped syncing a few days ago then I have assumed that update no longer supports beta 9. I think that may be a pretty safe assumption since Sync works in the latest nightly and via the latest Firefox Sync plugin in 3.6.13. That being said, Firefox 4 beta 10 should be released sometime this week so I've stopped Sync in beta 9 and will try again in beta 10.

By the way, I'm running Firefox in Linux Mint 10-amd64 and the beta's and Minefield via the Foxtester add-on for Firefox 3.6.* (works in Ubuntu based distros only). I'm also running beta 9 in Pardus 2011 in another partition (which also stopped syncing).

No solution of course but I'm guessing that Sync will work again in Firefox beta 10 is released.
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Beta 10's just a decent-looking nightly from sometime last week. So if it worked then, it should work in b10.

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