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I posted in the Firefox support site at: Sync is not working/discuss/206#post-279

and still do not have any answers to fix the sync problem. I changed to FF Sync due to the lack of Support on the orginal X-Marks product, which they still have not fixed.

Can I get some help?




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Moving to Firefox Support

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Daifne wrote:Moving to Firefox Support

Where? URL please!


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Easier to check the Title.
"# Board index ‹ Mozilla Firefox ‹ Firefox Support."
You don't have to go looking for anything. The thread just got moved to the Support Forum.
Perhaps you could explain your problem,
or do a Forum Search? ------>>
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Firefox Sync came up with very complicated sync keys like:

7-dff8z-pib4i-h2i5p-php8d-a73dy (which is not my key btw)

I wonder whether they would be brilliant enough (read as stupid enough) to put some complex characters like ú ,ó,ü,ç,ä etc in their sync keys...that would annoy a few more people, and spark some sync key challenge..
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I wonder whether you've read the rules that you agreed to when you registered on the forums? "No name calling" is one of them -- faq.php?mode=rules#f4r8 and there are limits on the kind of language we'll accept as well -- faq.php?mode=rules#f4r1


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OK this thread is continuing to get spammed quite a bit (some 20+ times) by some idiot spammer and locking since OldManRiver has not been back to thread for a month.

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