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When I go to the following site:

then click on any of the links to the left, like:

then what happens is not what I expect, but the following message box appears:
Opening EMEA
You have chosen to open EMEA
Which is a application/octet-stream
What should Firefox do with this....
Open With...
Save to Disk
OK or Cancel

The `Do this automatically for files like this now on ` is greyed out.

The funny thing is that if I choose to `Open With` ,and then navigatge to Firefox program folder and choose Firefox.exe, then that page opens up just nicely. Also if I just go directly to that page (without going through that page, then the page opens just fine.

I deleted the profile, and recreated it. I also renamed the mimeTypes.rdf file to something else, but neither of these mattered.

Do you think the problem is with that Acer web page, or with the Firefox? With IE it all works well.

Thanks for good input

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Post Posted February 16th, 2005, 1:46 am

The Acer web server is using misconfigured software.
It is telling Firefox the page is an abstract file type, hence the prompt on what to do.
However, when you save the file to disk, and then open it from disk, well that is a different operation where the Acer web server is not involved. Hence it can't tell Firefox it is an abstract file type.

IE is just covering up the mistake of the people running the web site - after all, who is an ignorant computer user more likely to blame here, the browser for "not working" or the web site where the mistake is?

Firefox will not second guess the web server in the way IE does. Unfortunately that also means if the person running the web server makes a mistake, it will only be Firefox that lets anyone know! You have to put IE at the highest security levels before it begins to balk at such a mistake.

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