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Every time I insert any images to my yahoo emails while using Firefox, I end up seeing my letters in my SENT box with text only and a message "This message has been truncated". When I click on "show full message" link, nothing happens, I still don't see any pictures, photos - just text. Btw, my images/photos are not attached, they are inserted into the body of the email.

Obviously, all my recipients end up getting the same corrupted message with "This message has been truncated"
It happens only when I use Firefox 5.0.1, I have no problem sending emails with images via Explorer.

It is difficult to say if it happened after Firefox was upgraded or Yahoo mail was updated. Basically, they don't work well together now.
I tested this on multiple computers, unfortunately, all of them were running Windows 7 64 or 32 bits, so I cannot say if OS matters.

It is extremely annoying and forces me to use Explorer since I often send emails with images in it.

Has anyone had the same problem? What may be the cause of it?


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While every problem Yahoo the first thing do is clear your cache
Clear your cache. Tools --> Options --> Advanced --> Network, Clear Now button.

If you are still having problems delete any cookies that have to do with the site. Tools --> Options --> Privacy, Show Cookies button

If you are not using Windows see ... x,_and_Mac

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