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Doug Weller wrote:Opera does that. But I'm confused, I don't need to use slash to find something, I just start typing and the find bar at the bottom opens and starts searching.
Only if you have checked the box under Options-->Advanced-->Accessibility. If left uncheckedwill start it either finding any text or links only depending on if u use a slash / or an apostrophe '


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I love these tricks.

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Regarding thomas7g tip which does have merit, rather than changing those values indiscriminately, see the original, detailed & comprehensive thread here

Tip: If you experience a lag after clicking a link or bookmark you might consider disabling IPv6 by typing "about:config" into the address bar and changing the pref network.dns.disableIPv6 to a value of "true".


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Do anyone know , why when composing email on Yahoo , it doesnt show the smileys or font color?


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I love this


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Wow! Wow! Wow - firefox just keeps getting better and better for me :)

Don't think this tip is there yet (apologies if I missed it and am repeating) -

If you have visited a site before you can, instead of typing a complete url into the address bar (eg you can just type the main/first word (eg google) it'll "wrap" it for you.


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It will be much convenient if you could made a flash version to demostrate these functions! that is really easy to understand worldwide!

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Hmmm, a Flash plugin, they said please don't ask questions... If I don't create a new thread about then you should

Click on the "Google" logo in the search bar, and you'll get a choice of search engines. You can add "Ask Jeeves" by visiting the Firefox Page.
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Skittles wrote:Tip: If you wish to remove an item from your Address Bar Drop down menu, Highlight it WITHOUT CLICKING and use Shift+Delete
Does not work in Linux. :(

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does anyone here just talk in understandable words?? i am having trouble installing "user friendly firefox" from a cd. can someone give me some help??

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I'll get started on it.
Any thoughts on how to organize?
I'm thinking of starting with mouse, keyboard and so on.


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mavau it looks very nice :) Thisis how you format knowledgebase articles; I can do it for you after you finish, if you don't want to read the page.

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Press F13 to overide Popup controll


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ALT+D moves the focus on the address bar

CTRL+F5 refreshes the page without accessign the file cache


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pressing down 'ctrl' on your keyboard while using the scroll button on the mouse will zoom in and out on the text on a webpage.

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