What happened to my address bar and toolbar?

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So I'm browsing online just now and I accidentally hit most likely one of the function keys, although I am not positive. Now the address bar is auto hidden. I have to scroll up to the top to show it. And the Bookmark is totally missing and so is the bar where the tools, file, edit bar is ( I don't know what that is called).
I am sure I accidentally pressed the wrong key(s), but I can't figure out what. I tried all the F keys, so I imagine it's a combination of something. Can anybody tell me what it is.
Tried closing and reopening FF, but it's the same. I noticed when going to MSN and logging in to my live e-mail address, I can see just the address bar ( because it doesn't just open a new tab, it opens a whole new firefox page when I log in to MSN. Why does MSN do that, I'd prefer it open in a new tab, not a whole new page. no other site does this ) and the tools, file, ect bar but not the bookmark bar. I can see under the view part that the bookmark bar is still checked.
Just to be clear, If I close everything and open a new run of FF, everything is hidden again.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Press Alt+V to display the View menu. Select "Toolbars" then click on "Menu bar", "Navigation toolbar" and whichever others you want to have displayed.

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All are checked, but when I open a new instance of FF I don't see them. If I scroll to the top It will make the address bar appear, but it's hidden otherwise.


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Post Posted February 24th, 2012, 8:25 am

Press F11
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