Need alternate Add-Ons for CheckPlaces and SortPlaces!

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Need alternate Add-Ons for CheckPlaces and SortPlaces!

Post by GrrrBrrr »

Andy Halford gives up.

I used CheckPlaces and SortPlaces for a long time. But when the developer not support further firefox releases it's only a question of time, when they are outdated.

Does anybody know alternate Add-Ons?
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Re: Need alternate Add-Ons for CheckPlaces and SortPlaces!

Post by Frank Lion »

GrrrBrrr wrote:Andy Halford gives up.

Andy Halford stands up...for himself, more like.

Unfortunately I do not have the time or the motivation to continue to support these in light of the close-minded, short-sighted and increasingly inflexible organisation that Mozilla has become. Apparently spending 1000's of hours promoting their products and providing my extensions to the general public to fill the gaps in their product, and repair bookmarks destroyed by Firefox Sync, counts for little and does not deserve any flexibility or support from them. Apparently add-on developers are second-class citizens to them whatever they may say. Surprising given that these are the main USP of Firefox, and developers are providing their time and efforts for free. My decision was taken after a series of problems the last one being the final straw.

I will not be answering any further emails on this matter, I suggest that you direct any questions to Mozilla themselves and ask them why they were happier for me to leave than to use a little common sense. But don't expect anything other than at best a short, santitised response from the one person who appears to work there.
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Re: Need alternate Add-Ons for CheckPlaces and SortPlaces!

Post by Daledoc1 »

CheckPlaces is still available here: ... aces.shtml

(After reading Andy H's home page, I did submit a complaint to Mozilla. Surprisingly, they did reply with their (seemingly reasonable) side of the story. Both sides seem to have a point. It's not for me to say who is "right" or "wrong", though I suppose my gut instinct is to side with Andy. I'm just glad that CheckPlaces is still available, if not from AMO.)



PS There is a bit more discussion here: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2488625
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Re: Need alternate Add-Ons for CheckPlaces and SortPlaces!

Post by LIMPET235 »

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