The Silverlight plugin. Do i need it & why won't it update?

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Silverlight plugin do i need it and why won't it update. I have silverlight 4.0 and for some reason it keeps poping up with an error message " for my security this plug-in has been blocked. I tried to update it to 5.0 but it will not allow me to do so. This error message is getting annoying. I tried to delete the plug-in from my profile but no dice there either.
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What happens if you run Windows Updates, is the later version offered there?


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If you actually need it for some site (Netflix uses a Silverlight player to watch videos on the PC), then I would remove the current version from Add/Remove Programs and download the newest version from Microsoft

Unless you knowingly need it to view media content, then I'd just uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs and not worry about it. Like Adobe Flash, you have to remove it in Windows' Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features in Windows 7). All you can do in Firefox with these is disable them but not uninstall them.

Windows Update should be able to update it but I've found it to be problematic with some things.

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IIRC you have to completely uninstall Silverlight 4 via add/remove programs before installing Silverlight 5.


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