"Old Firefox Data" Folder On My Desktop - Can I Delete It?

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i noticed something on my desktop recently. a folder named "Old Firefox Data". it seems to be backup FF files. but i didn't create it myself. what do i do with this folder? do i need it? if i don't can i delete it?

this appeared after getting help on this forum in this thread I was having trouble with viewing videos in high defintion in FF. i solved that by installing Flash Player Any ideas about this folder? please let me know. According to one of the members who helped me in that thread i mentioned he noticed other members noticing this folder on their system too. he thought it could be from an add-on I have installed but i don't know which one that could be. Everything works correctly it seems on FF for me.

thanks in advance.


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The folder is normally put there when using "Reset Firefox" function. It is basicly the key files from your profile so that you can recover personal data like Bookmarks, Passwords, etc. from it if your profile is borked during the Reset. Delete it if you are back to normal.
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And taking advice from people who don't even know what that file is for is risky at best
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ok thanks for the advice guys. really appreciate it. :)

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