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Hey all...

I was recently plagued with a bsod. blue screen of death while just surfing the internet.
It usually happened while watching flash sites. Although it finally began to just bsod on just clicking on regular sites.
and usually happened after clicking on a link. or after opening up a new tab by right clicking a link.
But it Never happened while playing a fps shooting game all day long.. only while browsing the web or if a browser was loaded.
I was basically about scared to just surf the internet. lol!

DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. 0x000000D1 tcpip.sys
and of course windbg, bluescreenview,and whocrashed was of no help in determining the cause. It always just pointed to tcpip.sys

I updated windows, and a ton of drivers. and disabled a few old drivers that shouldn't have been loading up anyway.
Maybe it was old drivers. or network drivers, or maybe it was just firefox and flash. Maybe I'll try chrome for a few days.
Maybe it was ics..internet connection sharing. Maybe I'll try updating firefox.. and updating flash.
Maybe I'll try disabling some addons. Nope. none of those were it. Boom! bsod again. argggg....
Although chrome would last a little longer before the bsod. don't know why though. Didn't like chrome anyway.

In the end after all that drama I was having that was driving me insane. and was about to just smash the pc or put xp pro on it. lol
IT WAS outpost security suite! free firewall! omg! It was outpost security suite! Did I say outpost security suite?
Yes! It was that! Don't know why it started that. It worked great for a good while. Using window vista home premium 32 bit.
Then all of a sudden started crashing the pc while surfing.. and I even had most of the features on it turned the web part..
Sure would have been nice if windbg would have pointed to outpost security suite driver huh. yeah it sure would have been nice.
I did notice the very first crash many months ago did list firefox.exe. Well It wasn't firefox!
It started as a once a month or twice a month crash. Then ended up being an every day or two or three times a day crash.
It was a very annoying experience... I tell you what. lol

After removing outpost security suite! I have not had one bsod.
and I really have been hammering the firefox for a week with surfing and clicking and watching flash.
and believe me, it would have crashed by now. a many of times.

So if anyone is using outpost security suite free firewall and having that problem. Uninstall it and your problem is gone.
Thank goodness! It was driving me insane. I can surf the internet again without being afraid. lol!

Ok now for some search terms in case someone else is having this problem. So they can maybe find it easier.
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