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Post Posted September 8th, 2005, 10:06 am

Create a new KB article:

Included all the information from this thread, plus some info about proxies and the memory leak bug.

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in the task bar when i click "processes" and the right click on firefox.exe there is no option,as the first post indicate,about "set affinity in the pop-up menu".where is it?

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anyone can help me?


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ASE DO NOT POST unless you have SOLUTIONS.

"Hyper-Threading (HTT = Hyper Threading Technology) is Intel's trademark for their implementation of the simultaneous multithreading technology on the Pentium 4 microarchitecture. It is basically a more advanced form of Super-threading that first debuted on the Intel Xeon processors and was later added to Pentium 4 processors. The technology improves processor performance under certain workloads by providing useful work for execution units that would otherwise be idle, for example during a cache miss.

The advantages of Hyper-Threading are listed as improved support for multi-threaded code, allowing multiple threads to run simultaneously, improved reaction and response time, and increased number of users a server can support"

Thanks for posting this. It was very helpful. However, i must request that you not post unless you have a "solution". Definitions are not solutions, and neither are asshole comments to other users telling them to not say thanks to someone solving their problems. Ur an Ass.. Thanks for the Help.


Post Posted November 29th, 2005, 3:01 pm

I'm having the same issues with RC3 build. Once in a while, when I try to reload a page, Firefox freezes, I can still tab thru the tabs, but I cant reload them or anything. I would have to exit it, then go to Task Manager and kill it. None of the solutions above apply to me. What I did for the beginning was uninstall the old 1.07, export the bookmarks(only thing that I need it), delete the profile folder, delete registry entries, and then install fresh 1.5 and create a profile. And it still does the same thing, on both my laptop and desktop. Any other ideas? Is it a common issue?

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There are reports that a BIOS update solves the problem.

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