I cannot ask thousands of websites to stop using Flash

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How do I address this question if you are going to shut me up by locking the discussion? Are you the Pope, that you can invoke infallibility to shut up discussion of uncomfortable subjects?

I cannot ask thousands of web-sites to stop using Flash just because Firefox refuses to support the interfaces that are required by the current Flash plugin. I am running the latest Flash Player that is available for use on Firefox on Linux. Adobe no longer provides a plugin which can be run under Firefox. If you go to their website there is NOTHING for Linux. That is Adobe's business decision. But it is also a business decision by Mozilla not to support the interface which is supported by other browsers, such as Chrome, to run a more current, safer, more secure, and still supported version of the Flash player. Even though at least once a week I am asked to apply patches to Flash Player I am still presented every single time I go to any site using Flash with the requirement to accept the security exposure involved in running the current broken Flash plugin.

If Mozilla is going to continue to refuse to support the software interfaces required for the latest plugin, then I need an alternative that permits me to access those thousands of web-sites that continue to use Flash. It is not good enough to point out individually to the providers of each of these web-sites that they are using obsolete insecure technology. I have tried, over and over again. I have BEGGED them to stop using this broken technology, but since the vast majority of their customers are still using Windoze they cannot justify the cost of updating all of the hundreds or thousands of references to videos to use HTML5 when Flash is working for most of their customers.

I need a Flash plugin that does not warn me every single time I use it that I am putting the security of my computer at risk. I do not understand why Mozilla is the only browser supplier that does not understand that!


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What sort of man would put a known criminal in charge of a major branch of government? Apart from, say, the average voter.
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Not the Pope, we just work for the local one. As noted often, we are not Mozilla (or Adobe for that matter). You should complain to the folks responsible. Locking.
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Yes there is for Linux unless you were expecting the Flash 18 branch. and

Adobe still indeed supports the Flash player for Linux with security/stability fixes on the 11.2 ESR branch. The came out on July 15 the same week the updates for Windows and Mac did.

The Flash Player is Not on blocklist and Mozilla does indeed support Flash player on Linux. The and older are on blocklist for soft blocking (click to play) due to critical security vulnerabilities.

If you are getting click to play then you likely have two or more versions of Flash player on OS and Firefox tends to make use of the older or previous version in this case.

Mozilla only puts Flash player versions for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux on blocklist when they are of serious security concerns. The security issues were not a concern between Feb/Mar 2013 and Dec 2014 as to why there was a gap. The Flash player versions since Dec 2014 has been getting hit with proven in wild exploits.

Also nothing to do with Firefox browser or Mozilla but some sites in last while have dropped support of the older 11.2 esr branch that is (still supported by Adobe) on Linux along with the 11.1 branch for Android and BlackBerry PlayBook.

On Linux if you did a little research you would have found the wrapper plugin option to use the Pepper Flash from Chrome in Firefox/SeaMonkey.

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