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What ho one and all,

For years, I have been using an old version of FF and some good add-ons. Just upgraded to 43 and not a happy bunny!

I have been using Evernote Clearly in the past and it worked well. Now it is no longer; the alternatives are not what I want. I do not want to save to the cloud and read on my smartphone (don't have one.) I just want to copy and save the text as Clearly did.

Is there a suitable alternative to Clearly?

Toodle pip and thanks

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Moving to Firefox Support...
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Now it is no longer

No longer why?
If its only a signing issue, you may be able to postpone its demise.
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I have been using Clearly extension (the latest, as far as I know) and it has been working fine, on any version of FF I've used recently.

If you don't have that, I could email it to you, as I don't know if they even let folks download it any more.

Other alternates are the FF native Reader option---when you go on a page that FF can render Reader-able, you will see a book icon on the right end of the URL bar. Reader doesn't render pages with quite the same accuracy that Clearly does (occasionally it misses something, usually a pic that Clearly retains) but it is still pretty good.

Another one is Readability. I used that for years before I moved to Clearly. Readability was great, it just took a little longer to render the page than Clearly did. Get it here:

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To date, I have found that the Native Reader does not work on every page. Clearly is no longer supported on the Evernote site and has been removed. I tried their new program, but do not wnat stuff saved to the cloud.

Usually, because Clearly removes the site c**p, I then just copy and paste into Word and all is hunky dory.

if I cannot find, I may take up your offer. Thanks

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Had a rather torrid time in the past few hours. Searched for Clearly and can only find it on some wacky sites. Decided to give downloading a try, but basically, managed to screw up the computer!

Restored the OS from an image, upgraded FF to 38ESR (yesterday I was trying 43) and getting the add-ons that I want. Cannot find Clearly; every link says 'Removed by Author.' However, I have found
Tranquiltty ( ... quility-1/) and it seems to do pretty much what Clearly did.

I'm not happy, but it is better than everything else that assumes I want to save the page to the cloud. Reader only works for me occasionally, so not much use.

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