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I can sort History in order of Most Recent Visit, but not by Date Visited. The need for the latter, which has been discussed for at least half a decade, is still valid, and seems still unserved.

So as not to beat an apparently dead horse (or maybe the analogy should be to a weak horse that no vet wants to cure), I'll state my latest reason for wanting this:

I posted something online. It disappeared (maybe it was deleted, maybe never posted, maybe I posted in the wrong place, the reason is unimportant here.) I had hoped that by revisiting the page, I could resurrect it. But even if that were technically possible (I realize it depends on the website), once I've double-clicked on the visit, the visit goes to the top of the list, and DISAPPEARS from the old position. This makes the History totally unreliable as a true historical record. There are also many other times when, for other reasons, this Most Recent Visit behavior has been undesirable.

Is there an add-in solution? Can Firefox developers add a sticky Date (and time) Visited view/sort option?


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You should maybe go over to Mozilla and see if you can find someone (a developer) who cares about this as much as you do..... and maybe get an answer for your question. Very unlikely that any one from Mozilla will ever see your posts here

Try ... ox/45.2.0/

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