Session Restore shortening SSD life?

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Post Posted September 26th, 2016, 2:27 pm

Just came across this discussion, which on first sight looks rather worrying:

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The file mentioned in the thread, sessionstore.js, does not exist in any of my numerous profiles. There is a directory called sessionstore-backups which has a number of files totaling about 1M. The folks in that thread need to get a life. :-"

EDIT: sessionstore.js exists in sessionstore-backups directory after FF is shut down. I noted this yesterday but the board has been a little wonky of late.

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I believe in current FF, its a transitory file.
It exists at FF start, then gets move/renamed (or something or the other) to /sessionstore-backups/recovery.js, then on FF exit gets written back out to {Profile_Folder}/sessionstore.js.

(I'm sure that's not totally right, but something along those lines.)
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noticed it before: ... st-2620793

its the session restore intervall (default = 15s = 15000) for the "recovery.js" (re-)writing.

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