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This has been happening for at least a year, maybe two and just randomly. I'm using Firefox v50 at the moment and same issue still. Here is the problem and it's terrible when it happens. It's often a bit louder than the video is and it's a grinding, alarming kind of audio. I love the sound in glitch electronic music but I don't need it added to my youtube videos when least suspected.

Hardware (don't think it's an issue with the Realtek drivers but just in case):

Realtek 887 onboard
Realtek 888 onboard (older motherboard but I believe same issue)


Windows 10
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Post Posted December 26th, 2016, 8:42 pm

Well you've posted a screencast of the issue (I gather that's the deal).
And if that's the case, we can "see" your issue, but no way for anyone else to check further, as your clip "purposely" has the glitch.

What is the actual YT page of the game sack clip?

Other then happening randomly, is it repeatable for you at the same spot, on particular video clips?
And if it is, if you were to download the clip & play it in a media player, does it still have the glitch?
(If so, then the issue is the clip itself.)
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