How do I change scrollbar colors for "responsive mode"

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Post Posted January 11th, 2017, 7:45 am

When I go into Responsive Design Mode, the scrollbars are way too light and transparent. I do a lot of testing of websites and this is slowing me down as I need to see a lot right away when the scrollbars appear.

Is there a way to change the opacity and color of them?

I tried using an extension /addon ... crollbars/
But that plugin also adds extra width that messes with the responsive layout, its not much but it does cause some issues where I see a scrollbar and others dont at times, so the developers usually argue back on me that they dont see a horizontal scrollbar and I do because the vertical scrollbar in that plugin is pushing stuff.

So Ideally I would like to fix this in Firefox and not use a extension.


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